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Ten Questions Developed from Online LDS Discussions.

  1. Why is faith necessary given that one is only held accountable according to his knowledge? Consider that Satan and co. rebelled despite seeing and talking with God; that Jesus, the pre-mortal Jehovah, had already attained godhood; and that children who die before 8 are saved.
  2.  Who came up with the idea that the Kinderhook plates gave an account of Zelph? Where did the names Zelph and Onandagus come from if not from those plates, and why should we trust the other things from the scribe who related that account on Joseph’s behalf? 
  3. If the atonement is the way Jesus paid for our sins, then why did He have to be sinless? Why couldn’t He have sinned and then paid off his tab and ours all at once just as a rich man can pay off his loans and mine, expecially if my debts are much greater than his debt (e.g. If I owe $400,000 and the rich man owes $10, he can easily pay for both of us). 
  4. What determines our eternal gender–was it random chance when we became spirits, or was it due to some property of our pre-spirit intelligences? Given that Jesus–the only perfect being –was male, what does this imply?  
  5. If the answer to 4 (or any other question here) simply hasn’t been revealed, then what was so important about the name God’s home star that we actually happen to know it? I would think 4 is much more pertinent to the eternities than knowing that Kolob is the name of the place which is nigh unto God. 
  6. Are females more righteous than men? If so, why, and why doesn’t this make god a respector of persons? 
  7.  What is responsible for our natural disposition? If it is our agency, then why don’t we all make the same choices between good and evil? If it is randomness or the environment, then why are we judged for that which we cannot control–that is, what is it that makes us choose different than another and why is it fair to be judged for that? 
  8.  How long has the Holy Ghost been the Holy Ghost? Is He always the same person or do other spirits assume the role from time to time? What will happen when He is born with a body? What would happen to the Godhead if Jesus and the Holy Ghost become Heavenly Fathers of their own universes–does the godhead dissolve, do they never become Fathers elsewhere, or do they retain both of their callings? 
  9.  Will my wife’s leg hairs realy come back in the resurrection?
  10. Is Adam’s navel an “innie” or an “outtie”?


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