Two Worlds of Mormonism

If you think about it, the Church (i.e. the members and leaders) have to live in two worlds.

In one world, we believe in the Gospel of Christ as taught in the New Testament; you know, the Jesus who wasn’t intent on acquiring worldly goods, or forming a corporation, or building buildings, and who told a rich man that he would be more righteous if he sold his worldly goods and gave them to the poor (Matthew 19:21). The same Jesus we believe repeatedly berated the Nephites for desiring “fine” clothing (but not once does he get after them for being immodest, and if “Apocalypto” is any indication, you can bet there were many topless women in the crowd when he came to visit them.)

On the other hand, we believe that Jesus now directs his Church to acquire vast tracts of real estate, to make investments and run his Church as if it were a major world corporation. More than once, He has steered His Church’s finances to the brink of bankruptcy and insolvency, but He always comes out on top. He doesn’t mind if his followers wear suits that cost many thousands of dollars, or expensive designer dresses, but he totally freaks out if a woman shows a half inch of her “midriff”. And he doesn’t like it if a woman wears more than one pair of earrings (or guys wear any at all).

Lucky for us, God doesn’t appear to be the same today, yesterday and tomorrow. The light of Christ is eminently compatible with the light of capitalism, and both are shining brightly in His modern Church. Maybe he wasn’t waiting for the religious freedom of America to restore his Church, but instead He just needed a lightly regulated capitalist society where his Church could become all that it could be.


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4 Responses to Two Worlds of Mormonism

  1. Brotherton

    Adam and Eve were naked in paradise so it would seem that modesty is needed for the more carnally minded of this fallen world.

    Indeed, we are lucky. This mall looks awesome!

  2. Yeah, if they ever finish it.

    • Cinepro

      Heck, it took 40 years to get the SL Temple built. Maybe one day we’ll have a church video called “The Mountain of the Lord II” about the building of the mall.

  3. Janean

    If it takes 40 years I won’t be around to watch it. Worse, I won’t get to shop there. 🙁

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