Bottom-Up Doctrine?

One interesting thing about the priesthood ban is that some theorize that the ban would have ended sooner (or be totally avoided) had the members of the Church been willing to live with Priesthood-bearing blacks.

I don’t believe that is true. But if it is true, that would cause an interesting shift in the process of “doctrine”. Where it wouldn’t be just a top-down flow of directive from God-> Apostles -> Church. Instead, the members of the Church themselves would be playing an interactive role in what could and couldn’t be enacted for policy or doctrine.

If this were the case, then it would be very valid for members to politely and discreetly try to till the soil of Church culture to try and allow God to feel comfortable instituting the doctrine. Just as it would have been appropriate to quietly (and supportively) work to change the thinking of pre-OD2 LDS to be more accepting of the idea of Priesthood-bearing/Temple-going blacks, there can’t be anything wrong with trying to convince other Church members that the doctrine of Polygamy is a wonderful and righteous thing, and should God want it to return, Church members would find it a joyous occasion.

As long as they don’t support anything that is in conflict with current Church teachings, there isn’t anything wrong with it. As a Church that prides itself in having on-going revelation, we don’t get to tell people what they can or can’t hope for the future. Anything can happen, and it is only for us to debate the likelihood of something happening.

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