Top 12 Apostles of All Time

(A few years back, someone asked who our 12 favorite apostles of all time were.  Here’s what I came up with)

If I got to pick 12 apostles to speak in conference, I would choose the following:

Legrand Richards (improvisational)

Neil Maxwell (the proper prose of presentation would glisten like intellectual dew on the melon of my mind)

Bruce McConkie (doctrinal)

Joseph Fielding Smith, circa 1958 (literal scriptural)

Ezra Benson, circa 1966 (communist conspiratorial)

William McLellin (disgruntled)

Reed Smoot (political)

Thomas Monson (I remember the bouncing wheels on grandma’s rickety red buggy. Ever to be
remembered…never to be forgotten)

Howard Hunter (representin’ the California Mormons)

Boyd Packer (metaphorical)

N. Eldon Tanner (financially responsible)

David Haight (only conference speaker to ever use the word “boobs“)


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5 Responses to Top 12 Apostles of All Time

  1. Rick

    What? CFR on the David Haight “boob” comment! I love it!


    • Cinepro

      I took her by the hand, and as we walked along the hallway, all I could do was squeeze her … boobs… But we didn’t pay any attention to the traffic because something momentous was happening to us. Our lives had been changed.

      David B. Haight

      General Conference, April 1996
      (Edited for space considerations. And to make it funny.)

  2. Anonymous

    The proper quote is “squeezed her hand”.

  3. John N.

    The correct comment is “squeezed her hand”.
    What a worthless website, You can try to misrepresent facts
    but you will only be looked upon as very ignorant.

    • Cinepro

      Yes, the word “hand” was excised in the ellipses. Sorry about that.

      But to the point of my post, he did say the word “boobs” in conference.

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