The Eternal Win/Win

Just think, if humans could have babies before the age of accountability, and some sort of virus was introduced that limited the lifespan of every human to die before the age of accountability, then everyone could be saved according to God’s plan (see D&C 137:10)

I believe Stephen Covey calls that a “Win/Win”!


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4 Responses to The Eternal Win/Win

  1. Matthew

    That is too funny. I’ve always thought this doctrine to be very shortsighted and to create more conceptual problems than it solves.

  2. Cinepro

    Considering historical infant mortality rates, I suspect the vast majority of inhabitants in the Celestial Kingdom will be those who died in child birth. It will probably be pretty rare to meet anyone who actually joined the Church on Earth and “endured to the end”.

  3. Interesting, This is probably the reason people can’t have kids before the age of accountability

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