Windows Opened. Blessing Poured.

Windows Opened. Blessings Poured.

Scott Floyd
Deseret News

June 3, 2008

Leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints convened a press conference Tuesday Morning to publicly acknowledge what they referred to as “The opening of the windows of heaven.” Recent reports from all over the country prompted this public expression of gratitude.

“In the last week, we have received dozens of emails and phone calls from church members in every part of the country. Each expressed gratitude and an increase of faith as a result of tangible, unexpected blessing.” said LDS Church spokesman Scott Trotter. “Bishops from all over report an outpouring of gratitude in their Sunday meetings.”

In what many members are referring to as “The Miracle of May”, faithful tithe payers in the Church have been surprised to find that their sacrifices have “brought unexpected blessings from the Lord”. One such recipient was Cynthia Mabel of Boise, Idaho.

“After paying the rent and electric bill in May, we didn’t have enough to pay both tithing and our car payment. But I knew what I had to do. I paid my tithing, and put the rest in the Lord’s hands. I didn’t know what I was going to do. But the Lord took care of me, and it was with gratitude but not surprise that I discovered a check for $1,200 in the mail just two days before the car payment was due. It was almost the exact amount we needed for the payment on my Mercedes 500SL with custom 3-tone indigo paint job. The check said it was from the US government, but I know it was from the Lord.”

Another email from Florida shared this experience. “Tithing has always been a difficult thing for me, and it was with great trepidation that I finally wrote my tithing check and gave it to my bishop in the first week of May. I didn’t know how I was going to get by. But the Lord provides for His own, and sure enough, I received a surprise check for $600 in the mail that very week. I was able to buy my groceries and pay for a weekend at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino to celebrate.”

The Miracle does not seem to be isolated to one part of the country. Saints from every community have been blessed, with married couples reporting a double blessing. And this financial endowment to the faithful is most justly reported by members just struggling to get by. Wealthier members have been gracious in their realization that they have enough for this world, and haven’t expected such an rare and treasured reminder of the Lord’s goodness.

Some Bishops have also noted the specific nature of the blessing, with it appearing most frequently to the most faithful tithing payers. The Lord has meted to those who have been most faithful in paying tithing, and even those who pay the “widow’s mite” report receiving checks for $300. From Omaha, Nebraska, Tracy Lalane of the Omaha Stake writes “I only work part time at Wal-Mart since retiring, and I faithfully pay my tithing even on my meager income. After all, it’s not my money, it’s the Lord’s. I’m just grateful He only asks for 10 percent back. But I never expected such a wonderful blessing of $300. Truly my faith has made me financially whole, if only for a few days.”

Church leaders have expressed caution along with the gratitude. In his remarks, President Monson cautioned “In today’s uncertain times, the rain falls as well as the sun shines. I remember the bouncing buggy wheels on my grandmothers white carriage. Ever to be remembered. Never to be forgotten.”

Says Trotter, “That really sums it up for us. This Miracle of May has been a sign to the world of the Lord’s favor towards this Church, with which he has said he was well pleased. We only ask that members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints record this miracle in their journals, and remember it always. Just as Church members in the past have been blessed for paying their tithing, this Miracle of May has invigorated the faith of so many (American) members of the Church. And for that, we thank the Lord.”


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3 Responses to Windows Opened. Blessing Poured.

  1. NorthboundZax

    *Snif, sniff* I know with every fiber of my bran cereal that this miracle is true. Without this opening of the windows of heaven, I wouldn’t have enough money to pay next month’s tithing, but now I can with the Lord’s help. What a blessing!

  2. Seven

    That was great Cinepro. lol

    Sadly though, it sounds disturbingly similar to what I used to hear in testimony meeting each month. There are millions of children suffering all over the world praying for help but God “blesses” LDS for paying their 10%.

    The reality (and irony) is many LDS are paying their tithing with credit card money while the leadership stresses to get out of debt.

  3. Cinepro

    Hmmm…next lesson on tithing I’m definitely raising my hand and asking if it’s “ok to pay tithing with my credit card if I use the bonus FF miles for my Church history sites tour.”

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