Two Kinds of Money

There have been a lot of significant events in the history of LDS Church finances, but I think one of the great unsung heroes of Church history has to be the guy who came up with the idea that a Church can have money that isn’t “tithing”.

The most amazing thing about this principle is that, like the Church itself, I was surprised to discover that I myself had money that wasn’t “tithing funds”.  It turns out that some of my income was specified for non-tithing purposes, such as real estate investments, commercial spending, and other undisclosed uses.

Of course, I have other parts of my income that are designated as “tithing funds”, and I pay an honest and complete 10% tithe on all of these funds.  So don’t misunderstand me, I’m not suggesting that anyone not pay a complete tithe.

It’s just critically important that we recognize the different kinds of money, and that the Lord recognizes and understands their different purposes on this Earth.

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