Christmas Is Coming…A Gift Idea from Cinepro

As Summer slips away to Fall, I thought I would take a moment and share a gift recommendation to consider for the coming holiday season.  Not a gift for you to give to me, of course, but a gift for you to consider giving others, or asking others to give to you.

For your gift-giving consideration:

The ClearPlay DVD Player

I first came across the ClearPlay DVD player 4 years ago, with their very first model.  My kids were approaching their post-toddler years, and I faced the conundrum many parents do.  As they were growing older, there were many movies they wanted to see, but they had a habit of unintentionally mimicking the language of movies they watched, so I was reluctant to introduce them to movies that had “bad” language.  I was familiar with the clean-movie services that sold pre-edited versions of Hollywood films, but objected to them for reasons of principle and legality.

ClearPlay was different, and it was awesome.  It works by editing the movie while you watch it, which allows you to select how picky it is.  You can choose varying degrees of profanity (including “Names of Deity” or “Racial Slurs”), violence, and Sex/Nudity, and the player will mute the audio or skip over scenes as you go.  This is made possible by a small, movie-specific file which you download from the ClearPlay website and load into the player via CD-ROM or USB drive. (Files are available for a few dollars, with different economically-priced subscription plans to choose from.)  Thousands of filters are available, including many foreign and independent films (and even G-rated blockbusters like “Toy Story”!?)

We have watched dozens and dozens of movies with ClearPlay, and I have never been disappointed.  The only frustrations I have had are for movies that require a great number of edits, making the movie hard to follow or almost nonsensical.  R-Rated films such as “American Gangster” are almost unwatchable with strict filtering. (No, my kids didn’t watch “American Gangster”; my wife and I usually prefer to avoid the garbage in R-Rated films if we can.)

ClearPlay has been most usefull for a small number of excellent films which have too much profanity for my younger kids to watch, but are otherwise enjoyable.  Films such as “Back to the Future”, “ET”, “The Goonies”, and “Men in Black” are just as enjoyable for my kids with the objectionable language edited out, and are in heavy rotation at the Cinepro household.  And the original version of the movie is always available if desired.

If you, or someone you know, enjoys watching movies but wants to avoid profanity, sex or violence found in many modern films, I highly recommend getting a ClearPlay DVD player.  It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Now if they would only make a Blu-ray version of their system.  Maybe for next Christmas….?

(Disclaimer: Cinepro is not affiliated with ClearPlay in any way, other than being a satisfied customer)
(Bonus: In addition to ClearPlay, there was a competing “editing” DVD player format in the early 2000’s called “Movie Mask”  Movie mask would alter the film by placing graphics and animations over offending bits, so nudity would be covered up by animated underwear, and blood and gore would turn into green blood or something.  They could also add interactive links, or insert items for product-placement).  The company went bust, but the hilarious demo-reel is available on YouTube.  Check it out if you were always bothered by the sword play in “The Princess Bride” and wish they had used lightsabers instead:)

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