A Little Less Amazing…

An interesting comment was made regarding this site under the heading “Amazed and Saddened”.  The author apparently developed some misconceptions about me and this site, so I would like to take a minute to clarify what was unclear.

Here’s the comment:

What amazes me about sites like this is the amount of time the hosts put in to it – paragraphs and paragraphs, pages upon pages, and links to other sites just like it all expounding how evil and controlling the LDS church is. For the most part, I think you’re preaching to the choir – helping other atheists, ex- and anti-mormons, feel better about themselves.
What exactly is so objectionable about the church? Some of the basic tenants of the Church are service, honesty, integrity, and morality that you as an individual should follow in your life. I am grateful for the role the Church plays in my life – I have a wonderful wife, beautiful children, and I have opportunities to serve and comfort them and others because of the organization of the Church. Are the people who run it perfect ? No. Was Joseph Smith perfect? No. Do I know and understand every detail of the gospel, the BoM, the history of the church, and the world? No. Do I need to? Not really.
I work, I go to school, I spend time with my family, I serve in the church and elsewhere in the community. I have a happy life and take comfort in the personal and family relationship I have developed with God.
So, back to you who host and publish on sites that intend to disprove the validy of the Church, or religion in general – by creating such a massive support network, aren’t you just supplanting what you intend to eliminate? The doubters and lost are your “congregation”. Destroying faith is your “service”. Atheism is your “god”.
I hope members who are comfortable in their testimony feel empowered to share it – but if you feel shaken by what you’ve read, then look at your life and the lives of others think about what good fruits the church and your faith has brought to it.

First of all, I wasn’t aware of anything on this blog expounding on the LDS Church being evil or controlling.  That has certainly never been my intent, since I don’t think the Church is “evil” or “controlling”.  Apoligies if something slipped through.  As for the amount of time I spend on this blog, you can see from the posting frequency it really hasn’t been that much, but I’ll try to keep your concerns in mind in the future.

Second, I am still an active LDS, so my “Choir” is other members of the Church who have serious doubts about many of the Church’s claims and stories.  Some other posters on this site fit those categories, but this blog as a whole doesn’t cater solely to those demographics.

I fully agree with the next two paragraphs.  I’ve expressed similar sentiments about the positive aspects of the Church inspite of the fallibility of its leaders.

This blog serves primarily as an archive of thoughts I (and others) have had over the years and expressed in different places.  I’ll let any of the atheist posters speak for themselves about whether or not their atheism (i.e. their belief in no God) is their “God”.  If that were in fact true, I would want to know who they send their tithing check to.

As far as I can tell, testimony-comfortable members have felt empowered to share it (especially on the first Sunday of every month).  Were you implying that members should blog if it strengthens their testimony, but they should keep their mouths shut if they have doubts?  I wouldn’t blame you for feeling that way.  But I obviously disagree.

I appreciate the good “fruits” the Church has produced, but unfortunately, good fruits alone do not a Church make.  The Church has good fruits, neutral fruits, and bad fruits.  In order to truly understand and appreciate the Church, I think all the fruits need to be taken into account.  I am just as disappointed with those who focus endlessly on the negative fruits as those who focus only on the positive ones.


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  1. I just heard you got banned. I was so disappointed. Let me know what forums you are visiting these days.

  2. Hi cinepro, just so you know, I got an identical–as in verbatim–response on my blog around this same time. Someone must have set out to clean up the internet one night. 😉

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