I guess this is why they don’t call it “FAIR” anymore…?

Last week, I was surprisingly banned from the Mormon Apologetics and Discussion board (MAD).  Surprising not that it happened, but that it happened over what I considered to be a pretty innocuous post.

Ironically, my lovely TBM wife thought the offending posts were hilarious. For those who don’t want to make the trip, here is what did it:

(In a discussion about the church’s current PR troubles started by Scottie and titled “Mormon Message Control”:)

Perhaps the best evidence that President Hinckley was a prophet is that he checked out right before Romney, the FLDS and Prop 8 hit the fan.

…and I almost forgot Shawn King’s blunder. We won’t be seeing President Monson on Larry King’s show until well after pigs have evolved wings of some sort.

You are done on this board. Mod

That’s it.  Honestly, I didn’t mean it to be offensive in any way. It was based on a simple observation that President Hinckley’s tenure as Prophet was really a “golden age” for the Church’s public image, what with the Olympics and several Larry King interviews giving the Church unprecedented exposure. Even the Church’s support of Prop 22 in California went largely unnoticed.

Then, within months of his death, we have the negative exposure brought on by Romney’s run, followed in short order by the bungling raids on the FLDS (and the attendant public confusion and PR mess for the LDS), and then the riots of Prop 8 outside our Temples. And any hope of getting President Monson on Larry King to discuss these issues is dashed by Shawn King’s untimely dalliance and sabatoge of the marriage.

Obviously, I don’t really think President Hinckley saw the way 2008 would play out for the Church and speeded up his demise. (But even in that case, the recent bio of President Kimball mentioned President Kimball’s expressed desire to slip to the next life as his body succumbed to advanced illness, so having a Prophet desire release from this earthly existence wouldn’t be without precedent). Heck, President Hinckley was even talking about how anxious he was to be with his wife again, and he had such a prominent sense of humor I would bet a month’s tithing that the spirit of President Hinckley laughed when he saw my post.

But ultimately, the idea was just a funny way to book-end the observation. And like I said, it was worth it to see my wife smile :).

After some thinking, and reading the responses at MAD, I was worried that I may have misjudged the offensive nature of my comments over on MAD, so I decided to perform an experiment and do a field test.

We had a family Thanksgiving gathering of about 14 adults. All the adults are active LDS, with 4 I would classify as solidly “TBM”. I spent a good 20 minutes trying to maneuver the conversation to the point where I could logically comment about President Hinckley “checking out” in advance of Romney’s run, the FLDS fiasco, and the Prop 8 fallout (as well as knowing that his days on Larry King were also coming to an end.)

The joke got a huge response, and no one was offended that I could tell. My wife knew exactly what I was doing, so I think she laughed the hardest. But no one raised so much as an eyebrow at the joke.

It must have been the delivery.

Update: On 12/25, Mercy robbed Justice and my account was reactivated faster than an inactive-LDS-in-a-GC-talk.   The hunger strike is hereby canceled.  If I ever before doubted the goodness and mercy of Mod, I will never do so again.


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8 Responses to I guess this is why they don’t call it “FAIR” anymore…?

  1. Bob_C

    Quit posting so much.

  2. Cinepro

    True dat. I’m trying to pace myself.

  3. It probably seems like I’m an internet stalker, but I was going through some of my old posts and I came across this gem:

    cinepro: Why does anyone (LDS or non-LDS) take Wilford Woodruff seriously when he says the Lord won’t let him (or another Prophet) lead the Church astray? I mean, really. Aside from the obvious circular construct of the statement, the statement doesn’t actually mean anything.

    But supposing the statement does mean something, these questions would logically follow:

    1. What would it be like if the Lord would allow the Prophet to lead the Church astray? For example, Wilford’s comment might lead us assume that God will allow the leaders of other churches to lead their people astray. But let us also assume that the members of those churches also believe their leaders to have the same limits LDS Prophets do (where God won’t let them be misled). So, what is the difference between LDS and non-LDS in this regard?

    2. Since President Woodruff’s statement doesn’t say it’s impossible for the Prophet to lead the people astray (only that the Prophet would be removed), we should wonder how that prophet would be “removed”? I don’t think quick death would be a good option, because that’s how the Lord removes righteous prophets as well. Instead, I think God would just incapacitate the Prophet; just make it so they can’t speak or really communicate (maybe put them in the hospital). Then the Lord could have a counselor take over the reigns, and the chastened Prophet can only rubber stamp the (now-corrected) course of the Church. That would make more sense.

    Hypothetically speaking, of course.

    Ayla Dingo: Isn’t the latter option what happened to Benson?

    cinepro: No, that was totally different.

    Damn, that was funny. It really sucks you aren’t on that board anymore; although, if you create a new moniker for yourself, I’m sure we’ll figure out who you are soon enough.

  4. Cinepro

    Thanks for finding that post, MorgBot. I won’t be going back to MADB unless I can do so legitimately. Maybe one day.

  5. buraianto

    I see you’re back on MADB (for which I’m happy!). How did this come about?

    • Cinepro

      It was a Christmas Miracle. Looks like I was initially overlooked, and a big thanks to Scottie for being my mediator with the moderators. I was going to suggest they open it up to a poll, just to see if more people would want me to return than stay away. But I think the person who is most disappointed in my return is my wife.

  6. Brotherton

    Did they make you change your avatar before letting you back on the board?

    • Cinepro

      No. I thought the “spirit yoda” was appropriate for the occasion. I was going to change it back at 5k posts, but I just passed that up. Maybe for the New Year.

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