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The LDS Stake Medium Council is an online blog for the publication of essays, poetry, haiku, and prose discussing Mormon doctrines, teaching, practices and culture.

The name derives from Mormon Church founder Joseph Smith’s creation of a “Medium Council” in 1834, following the organization of a more well-known “High Council”. While the High Council was charged with settling disputes, the Medium Council was charged with purifying the doctrine, and ensuring that practices of the church were in conformity with the doctrines of the gospel, and ensuring the Church history was kept accurately and faithfully. Most unusually, members of the Medium Council were drawn from all quarters of the Church, including women and even some non-Mormon community members.

While the High Councils of the Church have remained to this day, the Medium Council was disbanded in early 1836 upon the realization that the Church didn’t really want “pure” doctrine, gospel conforming practices, or an accurate and faithful history. Medium Councilors were reassigned to work in other areas, most notably digging the “outchambers” for the Kirtland Temple.

The LDS Stake Medium Council blog seeks to stay true to Joseph Smith’s original vision for the Medium Council, drawing on the most qualified members from both the real world and the internet to continually discuss all aspects of historical and contemporary Mormonism.

This site is maintained by Cinepro.  If you would like to post an essay or article, just let me know.

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